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"A personal approach with Giles Insurance"
We offer a wide range of commercial insurance products including catering liability, catering trailer, commercial vehicle and ice cream van insurance.

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Customer Charter

Our Policy towards Treating the Customer Fairly (TCF)

We recognise the advantages offered by a commitment to treating our customers fairly and fully support the FCA’s Principle for the protection of customers interests – a firm must pay due regard to the interests of its customers and treat them fairly.

Giles Insurance Consultants specialise in the provision of cost-effective insurance packages and personal lines for all types of cover including Commercial Insurance.

We believe that treating our customers fairly and paying due regard to their interests has the following benefits:

  • A first-class service for our customers
  • Our customers will have a clear understanding of our insurance products
  • Our customers will understand what they are being offered
  • We can be measured against common standards
  • Our staff will become better able to fulfil their duties
  • The security and strength of our company will be assured through ensuring we secure and retain as much business from satisfied customers as possible

In summary we believe that conforming to the principle of treating our customers fairly so do we in securing more business. We will therefore ensure that the needs and requirements of our customers will be taken into account in everything we do, not just in our customer facing areas.

For example:

Control and Supervision -
Giles Insurance Consultants focuses on a particular program of insurance from which there is no divergence. The Owner, Mr Neil Giles, and Office Manager are located in the same open office. ‘Demands and Needs’ are checked on a regular basis. If necessary, customers are contacted a second time for any clarification of information.
Clear presentation of Quotations -
Each quotation includes a clear ‘Key Facts’ Summary, Schedule of Insurable Values clearly stating any special conditions (alarm/security requirements, flat roof warranty, deep fat frying provisions etc.), Terms of Business Agreement, Statement of Facts/Proposal.
Disclosure Information Procedures -
Are in place to ensure all disclosures are made in sufficient time for clients to make informed decisions about a purchase particularly prior to renewal. We will also ensure that Demands and Needs and Suitability Statements reflect a full and personal assessment of the customers’ needs and those customers are advised to read the documentation, particularly the Policy Summary. In the Interests of ‘Contract Certainty’ every effort is made to issue formal policy documents within 30 days of the inception of cover or receipt of completed Proposal, if appropriate.
See Privacy Policy
Training & Competence -
All staff will be competent to carry out their jobs and provide the best possible service to our customers.
Sales -
We will ensure that all staff advising the customer, are competent to do so and that their competence is checked regularly.
Financial Transparency -
In all quotations administration fees are clearly stated, as is insurance premium tax together with the basic premium. Our Terms of Business also sets out the basis of our remuneration.
Remuneration Strategy -
We have a remuneration policy in place. In simple terms none of our insurance professionals receives commission as part of his/her remuneration package. We therefore ensure that the risks of any inducements that are potentially unfair to our customers are removed or the risks recognised and minimised.
Unfair Inducements -
In any event all volume over riders, placement service agreements and corporate days will be assessed to determine whether they are ‘likely to conflict to a material extent with any duty the firm owes to its customers’.
Insured’s obligations -
Duties of disclosure, the implications of any breach of warranty or policy condition are highlighted in any offer we make to you.
Offering a fair cost-effective deal -
We recognise the reality that customers seek best price for the cover they need. We ensure that the quality of cover offered is first class and strive to achieve the lowest price for that cover. We never trade elements of cover against premium.
Management Information and Meetings -
We will consider on a regular basis reports on compliance matters, complaints trends, persistency rates, conversion ratios and customer comments. This data will be used to guide future business decisions to improve TCF performance.
Advertising and Promotions -
We will ensure a robust procedure is in force to ensure that financial promotions are FCA and Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) compliant. We will also monitor the application of such procedures. We will ensure that all advertising material is clear, fair and not misleading and provides a balanced picture of the product or our service. We will endeavour to identify and understand our target audience to ensure we treat them fairly.
Conflicts of interest -
We will do all we can to minimise conflicts of interest and promote an open and blame free culture to encourage reporting of all potential situations.
Complaints Handling -
We will handle all complaints in an open and honest manner, aiming at all times to settle complaints in an amicable and timely means. We welcome all customer comments and use them as a learning tool. In no instance will the party at whom the complaint is directed handle ‘the’ complaint. Levels of redress or ex-gratia payments, where offered, will always be fair to the complainant.
Accounts -
No payments of client credits and claims under scheme business will be delayed unnecessarily.
Systems and Controls -
We have in place suitable senior management arrangements, systems and controls that will ensure that, at all times, the interests of our customers are given top priority and all areas of the business have this principle embedded in them.

And lastly, in the interest of full transparency we send this charter to each and every customer.

The success of this policy is dependent upon the total commitment of everybody in the company and our belief that the customer comes first in everything we do.

If you feel we have not fulfilled the obligations either in the setting up of your policy or the handling of any claim please contact our TCF compliance Manager on 01628 667707. We need you to tell us if there are any issues and your call will be welcomed and appreciated.

Disclosure of the status of premiums paid to us is clearly set out in our ‘Terms of Insurance Business’. Customers can be reassured all premiums paid to us are held as Agent for the Insurer (or the Insurer’s Agent) under what is termed ‘RISK TRANSFER’. This means that money paid to us is deemed to have reached the Insurer. For information the FCA CASS rules do not apply to monies held solely under RISK TRANSFER. More information on this is available from http://www.fca.org.uk.

Updated: 24th April 2018 [v2/2018]