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We offer a wide range of commercial insurance products including catering liability, catering trailer, commercial vehicle and ice cream van insurance.

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Custom Trailer Insurance

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Custom Trailer Insurance
  • Do you have trouble finding an insurer who understands your trailer insurance needs?
  • Are you tired of contacting insurers, only to be told that they do not insure trailers?
  • When you do find an insurer......are premiums too high?
  • Do you use your trailer as part of a business?

At Giles Insurance we provide insurance for many types of trailers and our exclusive policy underwritten by Aviva is designed to cover many types and uses for trailers. Please note that the trailer to be insured must be used as part of a business in order for us to be able to insure it.

We do not quote online as each individual policy will be calculated on your own business requirements. You may have a large box trailer fitted for commercial business use or just small flatbed trailer for general business use, each policy will have different requirements.

Example trailers:

Advertising trailer · box trailer · flatbed trailer · horsebox trailer · plant trailer · promotional trailer · tipping trailer · transport trailer and many more

As you may have already found, the number of companies or 'brokers' offering trailer insurance is limited and many companies are offering the same product just with a different 'label'.

At Giles Insurance we do not allow other companies to sell or promote our trailer insurance product.

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